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House of Lords Explained

Quick guide to the role of the House of Lords and how it works

State Opening of Parliament

Find out more about the occasion marking the start of Parliament's next working year

History of the House of Lords

Key dates in the evolution of the House of Lords

Role and Work

Get an overview of how the Lords scrutinises and challenges

Guide to work in Committees

Read about business in committees and how it happens

International Relations Committee

Learn about the House's committee investigating international relations and defence issues

Science and Technology Committee

Read about the committee's work investigating science and technology matters

Economic Affairs Committee

Find out about the committee's role and work examining the UK economy

Constitution Committee

Read about the committee's work examining constitutional matters and the constitutional implications of public bills

Communications Committee

Find out how the committee investigates the media, digital and the creative industries

European Union Committee

Discover more about the examination of proposed EU laws and investigative work by the committee

Guide to Work in the Chamber

Find out about daily business in the chamber and how it happens

People and Membership

Meet the membership of the Lords and read about the value they bring to the House's work